About Wagmatcook First Nation


    The Wagmatcook Band Council is comprised of a Chief and eight councillors. Governance includes responsibility for the delivery of statutory programs and services to all community members and commercial operations and ventures.

    The Chief and Council are guided by the Wagmatcook Financial Law which sets out an accountability framework for the financial management of the Nations assets. The Council are responsible for establishing a professional administration staff who are responsible for managing community assets and the delivery of programs and services in the community based on the standards set out in the Financial Law.

    Chief and Council have maintained a decision making process which requires unanimous consent by all members on matters which impact the community. It may take longer to reach consensus on a matter, but all Council members are engaged in making decisions to benefit the community and its members.


    Chief & Council

    The Wagmatcook First Nation is governed by an elected Chief & Council that represents the everyday requirements of approximately 700 people that currently reside in Wagmatcook.

    Elected Chief Norman Bernard, works with a council of 8 community members who were elected by Wagmatcook band members.  The Chief & Council have regularly scheduled Council meetings every two weeks and discuss items that range from housing needs, by-law requirements to educational and economic development initiatives and support mechanisms that help to provide long term sustainable opportunities for community members.

    Wagmatcook First Nation is rich in resources and knowledge of our traditional ways. We are a friendly and welcoming community for those who want to learn tradition and culture. Please visit us on your way to the Cabot Trail.

    The following are the current elected members of Chief & Council:

    Norman Bernard Chief Contact
    Tommy Peck Councillor Contact
    Peter Pierro Councillor Contact
    Kim Denny Councillor Contact
    Richard Pierro Councillor Home
    Evan Googoo Councillor Contact
    Travis Isadore Councillor Contact
    Angela Pierro Councillor
    Cornelia Peck Councillor

    Audited Financial Statements

    2020 Audited Financial Statements Download
    2020 Supplemental Financial Statements Download
    2021 Audited Financial Statements Download
    2021 Supplemental Financial Statements Download
    2022 Audited Financial Statements Download
    2022 Supplemental Financial Statements Download
    2023 Audited Financial Statements Download
    2023 Supplemental Financial Statements Download

    Policies & Bylaws

    Wagmatcook Financial Administration Law (FAL) Download
    Wagmatcook Human Resource Policy Download
    Wagmatcook Post-Secondary Education Policy Download
    Wagmatcook Housing Policy Download
    Wagmatcook Education Constitution Download
    Wagmatcook Dog Control By-Law Download
    Wagmatcook Comprehensive Community Plan (2014) Download
    Wagmatcook Election Code Policy Download
    Wagmatcookewey School Special Education Services Download
    Wagmatcook Drug and Alcohol Policy. Download