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Wagmatcook First Nation

Wagmatcook (Waq-mit-kuk) is one the five Mi’kmaq First Nations located in Cape Breton (Unama’ki). Wagmatcook is the oldest permanent settlement of the Mi’kmaq Nation in Nova Scotia and is situated adjacent to the Bras d’Or Lakes and the Cape Breton highlands.

Wagmatcook is a bilingual community with Mi’kmaq and English used interchangeably by the Chief and Council and most of the community’s public institutions. Mi’kmaq language, culture and traditions are an integral part of the community.

Welcome to our website! We hope it provides you with a good perspective about our community. Better yet, come visit us and the experiences we are willing to share with you.


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Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre

Wagmatcook Culture and Heritage Centre is located 10 minutes west of Baddeck, on the beautiful Bras d’Or Lake Biosphere Reserve.


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Gas Bar

Your one stop shopping centre, for everyday needs.

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CleanWave Restaurant & Gift Shop

Enjoy a bowl of our award winning seafood chowder at the Cleanwave Restaurant and visit our gift shop for a selection of locally made Mi’kmaq arts and crafts.


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Our Schools

Wagmatcookewey School offers a pre-school, elementary and secondary program in the community from K3 to Grade 12.

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Councils & Committees

Wagmatcook is governed by an elected Chief and Council under the Wagmatcook Election Law.

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Band Office & Departments

Wagmatcook Mi’kmaq Nation is in beautiful Unama’ki, and we welcome you to share in the strength of our people, language, and culture.

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